Fun for toddlers!

Easy for children ages 1-4 years to learn shapes and sounds.

When a visitor knocks on the door, your child can guess who's behind the door by looking through the door cutouts.

When your child taps on or swipes the door, it swings open and the visitor's recorded greeting plays.

Each visitor is paired with an everyday object that the child can drag to a special puzzle location, exercising shape recognition and physical coordination.

Learn from playing!

  • Simple motor skills: tapping, swiping and dragging

  • Shape matching

  • Face, voice, and sound recognition

  • Basic nouns

    iOS Screenshots

    Android Screenshots

App Features

  • Highly customizable

  • Can be used as an interactive photo book

  • Ability to turn shape-matching game on/off based on your toddler's skill

  • Supports iPhone, iPad and now Android phones and tablets!

  • No ads!

Personalize the game by creating your own visitors from family photo albums or taking new snapshots from the app. You can even set a custom name and voice greeting for each visitor.

The iOS version uses Apple's face recognition technology. If a face is detected, the paired puzzle will be positioned properly around the face. For example, a crown puzzle will be put on top of the head, and a cookie puzzle will be positioned under the mouth.

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About Us

Knock Knock Family is a collaborative effort between Kathy and Arwita, with a lot of help from Mary, Pearl, Jenny, and Clare, who all have spent too much time playing peek-a-boo with their nieces and nephews. This is their first app, so they need your feedback to help make it easier to use and more engaging. If you like what you see, share it with your friends!

  • Kathy Software Engineer

    When Kathy is not working on mobile apps, she makes ice cream and pottery. While she doesn't have any kids of her own, she frequently consults her five nieces and nephews for new ideas.

  • Arwita Graphic Designer

    Arwita has a toy design background that gives her special insight in creating graphics for kids. She enjoys toy making and teaching when she is not working on the app.