welcome to my world of ceramics


I'm a ceramist based in San Francisco. I love to work with clay because it is so forgiving as a medium.

As an artist, I draw many of my inspirations from childhood imagination and folkstories. My 8-yr old daughter is often my collaborator on some of the projects I am working on.

My Portfolio

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Robot Planter

Giving each robot an unique hairstyle with different plants!

Tiny Vases

Perfect vessels for holding a small joy of nature from the garden

Piggy Banks

No more breaking the banks! Just unplug my nose for $$.

Wacky Fish Holder

Those fish can hold everything in their mouths. Tea bag, salt, ring, and keys

Boat Cups

A complement to the wacky fish - Use your tea bag to hook a wachy fish.

Incense Burner

石敢當 - ishigantō - Wored off all evils with it and its smoke.



  • Ruby's Clay Studio & Gallery
  • 552A Noe St
  • San Francisco, CA United States
  • klin@curiomakers.com
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